Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ari Ne'eman Supports Restraining Autistic Kids in School

Here's HR 4247 which has the deceptive title of preventing restraint.

Under Section 4 (1) and Section 5 (2) (A), this bill calls for chemical and physical restraint for children whose behavior poses danger to themselves or others. Biting, head banging, bolting, hair pulling, punching, kicking and ripping earings out of pierced ears certainly pose danger to the children and the teachers. So, this bill doesn't do anything at all to reduce restraints on autistic kids who will engage in some or all of these behaviors.

All this bill does is further Ari Ne'eman's political agenda of making it look like he's doing something useful for the autism community while he engages in anything and everything that serves the purpose of preventing anyone from curing autism.

Those of us experienced at curing autism know that all of these behaviors can be eliminated by removing the mercury from the brain that caused the brain to malfunction and produce these behaviors. Removing that mercury from the brain is the best way to eliminate the behavior and end the risk of children being harmed while in restraints. Yet, Ne'eman has this bill carefully worded so that autistic children will still be drugged, beaten in self-defense and immobilized by how ever many adults it takes to subdue them.

Any bill regarding autistic children that does not include instructions on how to cure the dangerous behaviors medically is harmful to autistic children and must be opposed. Therefore, I urge everyone to call their Congressmen(women) and tell them to vote against this sham legislation.


In this Act:

(1) CHEMICAL RESTRAINT- The term `chemical restraint' means a drug or medication used on a student to control behavior or restrict freedom of movement that is not--

(A) prescribed by a licensed physician for the standard treatment of a student's medical or psychiatric condition; and

(B) administered as prescribed by the licensed physician.

SEC 5(2) School personnel shall be prohibited from imposing physical restraint or seclusion on a student unless--

(A) the student's behavior poses an imminent danger of physical injury to the student, school personnel, or others;