Sunday, October 25, 2009

Prank Phone Calls, Courtesy of Ari Ne'eman

Andrew Ackner called my house eight times between 3:34AM and 3:40AM, waking up my autistic son. I know it was him because he yelled the word "ointment" at me. He just called again at 3:56AM and 3:58AM. Then I discovered that this mental case had left a message for me at 3:23AM where he yelled the word "ointment" into the phone a couple of times.

Andrew thinks he's some sort of genuis because he has found some hidden meaning that escapes the rest of us in the word "ointment". He also vandalized my Youtube account by adding multiple messagess to my page there composed of just that one word.

This behavior is what Neurodiversity has produced. It's not enough for these brainwashed products of Frank Klein to vandalize my blog. Now they are bothering my family by waking us up in the middle of the night.

I'd like to thank Kathleen Seidel, Camille Clark, Kevin Leitch, Kristina Chew, David Andrews, Estee Klar, Amanda Baggs, Michelle Dawson, Jim Sinclair, Kim Stagliano, JB Handley, Nicole Crosby, Anne Bevington, Laura Tisoncik and all the other propaganda experts who created the propaganda that produced this young psychopath for harrassing my family because the brain damaged nitwit is angry about losing an argument to me online.

I want to especially thank Ari Ne'eman though since said nitwit was harrassing everyone who viewed the I Am Autism video as part of his protest against Autism Speaks that was being led by young Mr Ne'eman. This is what Ari Ne'eman has produced with his campaign against curing young kids of mercury induced brain damage.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Abuse Autistic Kids

Ari Ne'eman now seems to be the leader of Neuroinsanity. As such, he continues to abuse autistic children by continually lying about the horror of autism.

Sane people should file complaints against Ne'eman and his hate group, ASAN, that rants against curing autistic kids. These psychopaths who do not have autism are presenting themselves as though they suffer from the same condition that makes real autistic kids not much more than vegetables.

Children who actually have autism want to be cured. They do not want Ne'eman and his psychopathic followers advising Obama to allow them to continue suffering when treatment that can cure autism is available.

Please take a stand against this asshole.