Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Abuse Autistic Kids

Ari Ne'eman now seems to be the leader of Neuroinsanity. As such, he continues to abuse autistic children by continually lying about the horror of autism.

Sane people should file complaints against Ne'eman and his hate group, ASAN, that rants against curing autistic kids. These psychopaths who do not have autism are presenting themselves as though they suffer from the same condition that makes real autistic kids not much more than vegetables.

Children who actually have autism want to be cured. They do not want Ne'eman and his psychopathic followers advising Obama to allow them to continue suffering when treatment that can cure autism is available.

Please take a stand against this asshole.


  1. You're being too kind here.Ne'eman's Asperger diagnosis is about as real as Amanda Baggs' autism one.

    Here's a guy who really does have Asperger's.


    Compare him to Ne'eman.

  2. I have seen Ne'eman in action and I have no doubt at all that he has Asperger's. I also think that like all people with Asperger's he deserves to be cured, forcibly and soon.

  3. I would rather see laws enacted that would require frauds like Ne'eman to be hung by their nuts.

  4. I see that someone from Brandeis was searching for Nicole Crosby here and decided to call me names. I wonder if that could've been Jake Crosby.


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