Friday, September 27, 2013

John Gilmore Feeds the Lies About Autism

This is what happens when corrupt "leaders" in the autism community play stupid games instead of being honest.  Now, these corrupt imbeciles are still encouraging victims to ask the same criminals who caused the problem to magically turn into decent humans beings.  Foolish people who trust these corrupt "leaders" will continue asking our 100% corrupt Congress to become nice people and do the right thing.I asked John Gilmore to teach parents of autistic children how to overthrow our corrupt government and John refused.  So, we see that he wants to help them continue to poison our babies by "leading" parents to do nothing useful.  John  uses "autism" and "asperger's" here as synonyms even though he is well aware that the two conditions have virtually nothing in common.  This has led to much confusion from overt psychopaths like Ari Ne'eman while liars like John Gilmore hid in the background supporting the same deception by keeping his mouth shut.  Now, this has come to bite John in the ass.  It looks to me like he planned it that way.

It started: DSM5 used to revoke autism diagnosis
Share your story to stop the DSM5
     As many of us expected, the new definition of “autism” laid out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM5) is being used to deny services and educational placements to people with autism.  We are receiving more and more reports from around the US (Buffalo, Dallas, Utica, etc.) of schools, Medicaid providers, insurance companies and local government service providers using the DSM5 to deny services to people who have an autism spectrum disorder.
     If you are facing difficulties or the loss of services as a result of the DSM5 please let us know. Please contact us at with your stories. Your stories will be a crucial component in stopping the DSM5.
     All the studies on how the DSM5 will affect people with autism have shown huge numbers will lose their diagnosis, their services, Medicaid and educational placement along with it. One study from the Child Study Center at Yale University showed a 55% reduction, including 30% of those categorized as low-functioning.
     We have had bills introduced in several states including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to require the continued use of the DSM4 and other diagnostic tools such as the ICD. We are working on getting bills introduced in other states. Illinois has already passed legislation prohibiting the use of the DSM5 to deny services. And we are working to prevent the federal government from using the DSM5.
     The DSM5 discards the labels of “Asperger syndrome” and “pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)” Schools and insurance companies and Medicaid providers are using these changes to tell people who have an Asperger’s or PDD-NOS diagnosis that they no longer have “autism” and are losing insurance coverage, placements in special education and other services.
     The DSM5 is wrapped in controversy. The federal National Institute of Mental Health considers the DSM5 so flawed that they will not spend any research dollars on studies that use it.  We do not have to put up with this.
     Please share this message with friends and family and please post to Facebook and other social networks.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tim Bolen, Just Another Liar Abusing Babies

I started talking to Tim Bolen a while back to let him know that he was becoming involved with a bunch of psychopaths who were helping the vaccine industry and our corrupt government poison babies into autism.  I had trusted Tim and didn't realize he was part of the team from Age of Autism who had hijacked the leadership of the anti-vaccine movement.

Tim led me to believe that he was naive about this plot against babies and strung me along, making me think that he was one of the decent people who would tell the truth about autism.  Tim told me the story of how Mark Blaxill and some other lowlifes had suckered Barry Segal into funding their propaganda assault on babies and how Mr Segal had eventually seen through their deception.  Tim told me that Mr Segal was going to try to do some good and that he would put me in touch with him to explain more of how this deception had been carried out.  Tim also told me he was going to publicize the extreme deception that Ginger Taylor had managed as one of the heads of the Canary Party.

Now, I learn that Mr Segal has funded a couple of mothers who have been associated with the same creeps who run Age of Autism and who played a role in starting the pro vaccine slogan of "Too Many, Too Soon" which denies the whole truth about how thimerosal causes autism.  Bolen never arranged that discussion between  Mr Segal and I so he still hasn't heard the whole truth.  Instead, he heard from a couple of dopes who were stupid enough to follow the lead of Jenny McCarthy and the controllers who told her what to say.  I guess he was enamored with them and funded them.  I expect they will promote more of the pro vaccine nonsense that most idiots believe is an anti-vaccine rallying cry.  The fact of the matter is that when one complains about too many vaccines without mentioning the role of thimerosal, they deny the fact that thimerosal is causing all of the autism.  Most idiotic parents of autistic kids have heard this "Too many, too soon" bullshit so many times that they believe it.  Nobody who achieves any publicity in the world of autism ever mentions the fact that the mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women gives the fetus 200 times the alleged "safe" dose of mercury.  Will these two mothers do that?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I doubt that Barry Segal has any idea how deep the deception goes with the controlled opposition.

I've described Ginger Taylor's deception many times.  Nobody reads it and that's why I was happy to explain some things for Tim Bolen in the hope that he would publicize her treachery against all unborn babies on this planet.  But, despite many promises to publicize this, Bolen has reneged and tacitly told me that he is not going to expose how this sorry excuse for a mother lies to other parents.  Bolen will not tell the dumbed down followers how they have been misled.

Perhaps this will be the end of my writing about autism, perhaps not.  It seems pointless, all these years of exposing the liars and the people who need to learn choose to believe the liars instead of listening to what I have to teach them.  I chose to trust someone who I thought might help the dumbed down parents see the truth.  It turned out that Bolen was also a liar though.  Oh well, burned again.  That's the way it goes in the world of autism.  Nobody ever tells the truth.

After months of discussing the corruption in the world of autism with Bolen, now the pussy won't answer my emails.  When they refuse to answer, that's when you're certain they are part of the corruption themselves.

I casually asked Tim Bolen if he had ever read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" recently.  Tim's answer was nothing, not one word.  He wouldn't even acknowledge that I asked him the question.  I had only asked to see if he understood what was going on in the world, where it was all coming from.  No response at all.  It's not really a difficult question or a trick question.  It's a simple question.  Honest people have no problem answering it.  While you can't draw a specific conclusion as to why someone refuses to acknowledge that you asked the question, you CAN conclude that something is wrong.  What Tim Bolens dishonest role in all of this is, I can't say exactly.  However, it is certain that Tim is not what he claims to be.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gang Stalking on Facebook

GANG STALKING on Facebook.
Facebook allows liars to gang up on people who expose their dishonesty and file bogus reports of abuse.  Facebook will delete pages when the gang of liars reaches a certain number of frivolous reports.  So, when he have a group of agents who abuse autistic children with lies to benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry, they can have the truth about their treachery deleted and Facebook pays no attention to the parents of autistic children when they point out this organized attack on their disabled children.

This group exposes a highly trained liar named Ari Ne'eman who falsely claims that he has autism.  Ne'eman is an Israeli who has political connections that allow him to present false information about autism on a national level.  Ne'eman makes the outrageous claim that people with autism do not want to be cured of their nightmarish disability.  Ne'eman has perverted the definition of autism to try to make the general public think that it is no big deal by parading his group of liars who also pretend to be autistic in front of the public.  These actors also claim they love being autistic and don't want anyone to cure them.

The truth of the matter is this definition of what autism really is like.  Autism is mercury induced brain damage that causes the victim to smear feces, bash their heads through walls and into cement, scream in excruciating pain for hours each day and go through life without ever learning how to speak, read, write, use a toilet, communicate in any appreciable manner or get laid. Autism sucks. There is nothing good about it.

To claim to the public and to Congress that children who are so afflicted do not want to be cured is a vile and outrageous attack against them that could only be perpetrated by an organized hate group.  No sane person would ever knowingly campaign against helping children like this improve their lives.  Thus, we can conclude that the vicious psychopaths who attack this page are directly attacking autistic children.

Why do these psychopaths campaign against helping these children?  It's simple.  When we cure these children by removing mercury from their brains that was put there via vaccines, it proves that the vaccines caused the brain damage.  This reflects poorly on our corrupt medical industry and our corrupt Congress who was bribed to ignore it.  So, they hire liars like Ari Ne'eman and his pack of brainwashed idiots who claim they have autism and want respect instead of a cure.  They present positive language about helping themselves and their own autism but they are NOT autistic at all.  So, by making the public think that this is what autism is like, they sweep the real autistic children who suffer horribly every day of their lives under the rug.  Facebook helps these liars carry out their deception that harms these children when they allow their gang stalking to obliterate the truth that's written about their deception.  I hope Facebook will not allow this to happen again.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ari Ne'eman Responsible for Murdered Kids in Connecticut

Adam Lanza, the Newtown, Ct shooter had Asperger's.  Ari Ne'eman didn't want him cured.  What if Ari Ne'eman and the rest of the assholes from Neurodiversity had all been locked up for fraud years ago?  Would Adam Lanza's parents have learned how to cure him?  Would those little children still be alive?  When will sane people take a stand against lying assholes like Ari Ne'eman?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unite for Freedom

Freedom is the goal.  It is the only goal.  If you want freedom, you have to say so, you have to tell your friends so they will say so and we all have to unite to tell each other that we agree we want freedom.  Nobody can sit back and assume that everyone else knows they want freedom.  We have to come together as one voice, all humans against the bankers, and we will unite as one to refuse the slavery that the bankers trapped us in by forcing us to use their money.

We can wait four years until the next election and vote the bankers out of  our lives forever or we can come together sooner than that and just use the voice of 320 million of us to tell the bankers their reign of terror against us is over.   We need to assemble in one place so the bankers see all 320 million of us telling them we refuse their rule over us.  We reject their money and we are done with it.  We will enjoy our lives, work as little as possible and live free to do whatever we want.  Join up here to add your voice and bring your friends.  The sooner we assemble together, the sooner we all become free from the real terrorists, bankers.

If the internet is shut down as some predict or, if Facebook blocks my group, I want everyone to do the same thing to spread the message of our unity.  Get a piece of cardboard or a piece of wood and put it in front of your house or write these three words on the windows of your apartment that face the street:  "NO MORE BANKERS".  When this everyplace, we will all stand together  and we will end the use of money.  We will be free.  We will not ask our corrupt government to do this.  We will tell them.  We will throw the criminals out.  Our police and our military who are part of us will act on behalf of The People and they will take control away from the bankers if they resist.

We can work just a few hours each week to produce all of the goods and services we need.  Since there will be no more financial sector to harass us with debt, all of us will work to contribute to our needs and wants and all of the now jobless people who worked in any capacity that dealt with money will be free to do useful things that actually contribute to society.  We won't need any banks, bill collectors, cashiers, stock brokers, bookies, insurance salesmen, car salesmen, accountants, con artists, pickpockets, tax preparers, armed robbers, mortgage originators, purse snatchers, or Obama care (This is not a slur on Democrats).  These people will be free to grow food, drive trucks, become doctors, wait on tables, make pizzas or write good ideas with all the brains they have that used to dream up ways to rob us.

Mothers will be free to stay home and raise their children right.  Fathers will all have jobs and they won't be 40 hours of slavery.  Mothers who want to work will be able to do so.  Disabled people won't be forced to eke out an existence on public assistance that is barely enough to keep them from starving.  Senior citizens won't have to budget meager social security checks to pay outrageous taxes and ever increasing bills thanks to inflation that is manipulated by bankers.  All taxes will obviously vanish along with the paperwork drudgery associated with them.  Instead of a two day weekend, we will have a work week that is two days or less.  We will have time to grow our own food in gardens and share the excess with each other without food brokers to jack the price up.

We will teach the history of the Rothschild family in every school so our children know exactly what these criminals have done to all of us.  We will make sure it never happens again.

Imagine the possibilities when we exist without any debt.  Join the solution.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shout Down Ari Ne'eman, 08/05/11

On August 5, 2011, Syracuse University is hosting a symposium on Neurodiversity to teach sadists how to abuse autistic people. Syracuse is using Ari Ne'eman to present his deranged rhetoric to con sane people into making life worse for brain damaged people with autism.

Sane parents of autistic people should attend this free symposium and bring air horns, drums, trombones or whatever you can get your hands on to make as much noise as possible. Sane adults who oppose torturing people with brain damage should make so much noise that nobody hears anything said by the sadistic Ne'eman.

Ari Ne'eman's goal in life is to prevent anyone from curing severely autistic children. Ne'eman calls himself "autistic" to try to fool the public into believing actual autistic people don't even exist. On the surface, it seems that the only thing truly wrong with Ne'eman is that he's queer and obese. He is NOT autistic. Don't let this fat, lying bastard distort the truth about how horrible autism is for our children.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Ari Ne'eman and Neurodiverse Liars

Neurodiversity is a concept that began as a positive approach to equalizing treatment for people with disabilities. It was intended to raise consciousness, promote positive self-images and to change public opinion about the way disabled people are viewed. When it started, this included high functioning people who allegedly had autism and Asperger's. It was quickly perverted into a massive propaganda campaign to abuse autistic children by preventing them from being cured.

Judy Singer, the woman who coined the term "Neurodiversity" now has a site called ASPAR that is dedicated to helping the children of people with Asperger's overcome the craziness that the kids had to put up with from their brain damaged parents. Singer recognized the insanity inherent to Neurodiversity and noted how they "must consider how we can contain anti-social behaviours that endanger others, while safeguarding civil liberties for all." This is the part of the autism spectrum that Neurodiversity tries to deny which enumerates the blatant dishonesty by which they pervert the truth about autism.

Before Singer's book was published, Harvey Blume stole the term "Neurodiversity" and connected it with a lesbian fraud named Laura Tisoncik who told us of her intent to defraud the public with statements like this: "The site gives geeks space to emerge from the neurological closet and declare themselves to be high-functioning autistic (HFA) as opposed to neurologically typical (NT)." We see that she was advocating for weirdos to mislabel themselves as "autistic" and incorporate this into the gay pride idiocy. If you check the link in this article to Tisoncik's ISNT site, it connects you to an X-rated site for lesbian pornography.

Tisoncik wrote this shortly before her alleged lesbian lover, Amanda Baggs, arranged the bogus diagnosis of autism for herself. We saw Baggs, with her plethora of dishonest videos, and abetted by Sanjay Gupta on CNN, become the spokesmodel for Neurodiversity where she achieved fame for herself by promoting a despicably dishonest portrayal of what autism was all about. We also had a video of Tisoncik that showed her to be clearly, nothing but an obese, lazy liar who had found a way to cheat the system with her own bogus diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder. The video has since been removed from Youtube sometime amidst Tisoncik's dishonest attempt to have this blog deleted for telling the truth about these two con artists.

There were other phonies who tried to cash in on this concept by writing bogus books about autism. These included Jim Sinclair, a pseudo-hermaphrodite who was assuredly messed up mentally from his inherent gender identity crisis and Donna Williams who had been abused as a child and became a mental mess. Neither of these people were autistic but they were so mentally deranged that nobody knew the difference, or cared. I don't believe they wrote with evil intentions to abuse autistic children but their books were hijacked by propaganda experts who used them as part of a plan to corrupt the truth about autism.

This process started in 1999, the same year we learned that thimerosal was the cause of the autism epidemic. There were some crazies and malcontents involved then along with the planners for what was to follow. In 2001, Frank Klein began to set the stage for the all out propaganda war that was let loose on the high functioning victims of mercury poisoning from vaccines. This was the planned brainwashing that kidnapped youths with minimally damaged brains and conned them into becoming advocates against themselves.

2004 was the onset of the mass blogging and infestation of the internet with the mind controlled victims who touted the nonsense that autism was just a different way of thinking. The minimally brain damaged teenagers who are now young adults embraced this "just a difference" propaganda because they had never experienced normalcy and had no reference point to help them comprehend the truth. The Aspies who had lived a life of solitude, by virtue of their condition whereby most of them could not form friendships, began to find acceptance on the internet amongst others with similar brain damage. They looked up to phony role models like Amanda Baggs who had fried her brain with LSD and other bogus "autistics" who had diagnosed themselves to give themselves credibility to "sell" their propaganda.

At this point, they had Frank Klein and his Autism Advocacy group as the root of the propaganda. Frank and his 159 IQ arranged a diagnosis of Asperger's for himself at age 30 and shortly had it switched to autism. This gave him the credibility he needed to corrupt public opinion about autism while obfuscating the difference between Asperger's and autism, a vital tool in this propaganda effort.

Frank was the man who started all of the nonsense that said curing autism was akin to killing the autistic person. He had started his AutAdvo Yahoo group in 2003. This was shortly after people began announcing that they had cured autistic children for the first time in history. Frank taught his rhetoric to a couple hundred mentally challenged people who joined his cult and gave them the tools they needed to sound legitimate to a public who was largely ignorant about autism.

In 2004, Kathleen Seidel started her Neuroinsanity site and was shortly followed by Kevin Leitch with his childish blog that failed at trying to defend thimerosal as the cause of autism and Autism Diva with her loopy logic that pretended to have a command of science. These were the first liars to go public after Frank had trained them in the art of deception.

During this training period for what is now a variation of the original concept of Neurodiversity, a group who was funded by the Pharmaceutical industry named Quackbusters dealt themselves into the fray. They were led by an incompetent doctor who couldn't pass his exams named Stephen Barrett and opposed the treatment that cured autism based on the lies from another incompetent doctor named Jim Laidler who was too inept to follow the proper procedure to cure his own autistic child.

This led to an association with a sadistic librarian who was linked to Quackbusters named Kathleen Seidel who wrote flowery rhetoric describing autism as the apparent next step in evolution whereby all genuises emerged. Following Seidel's logic would lead one to believe that every invention known to mankind must have come from an autistic genuis since no mere mortal had the brains to create anything useful. Seidel didn't bother to point out that most autistic people are too brain damaged to learn how to use a toilet, speak, read, write or dress themselves. She then embarked on a crusade of character assassination against anyone who played a role in curing autistic children, making incredible claims against scientists who discovered how to cure this nightmare. She also attacked parents who promoted this information to help cure disabled children and painted them as fools who had fallen prey to con artists. The cured children showed us that all of Seidel's carefully chosen words were lies.

A couple of other links to Quackbusters emerged amongst the Neurodiverse bloggers in one severely crazed old woman named Camille Clark who used the alias "Autism Diva" and a scientist named J Ken Wickiser who blogged under the name Bartholemew Cubbins. These two jackasses knew enough about slinging around scientific terms that they had some success in making the neurodiverse nonsense sound plausible. As with Seidel though, virtually every word they wrote was contrived to deny the truth of the matter about how thimerosal in vaccines had caused the autism epidemic. Nothing they said was true but it sounded good to the minimally brain damaged people with Asperger's who followed them and used their arguments to promote the dishonesty.

With the pseudoscientific words from the Quackbuster associates and other criminally insane doctors like David Gorski (Orac) to build scientific arguments on, Frank Klein set about the task of misconstruing all of the facts about autism and perverting them so that the insanity that came out of the mouths of high functioning people with Asperger's would be uttered as though they came from people who actually had autism. (Keep in mind that hardly anyone with autism can speak...or use a keyboard. That's why the thought of Facilitated Communication for autistic people had always been looked upon as being fraudulent. It was well known that many autistic people were mentally retarded and much worse off than anyone with Downs Syndrome.)

Frank wrote essays in which he referred to himself as autistic and talked about how much he loved his life and would reject a cure if it had been offered to him. He also blurred that distinction between low functioning autism and Asperger's Syndrome masterfully, fully demostrating his 159 IQ when it came to writing devious propaganda that would fool lots of people. His inane arguments analogizing skin color as being similar to the brain damage inherent to autism as reasons to avoid curing autism are widely used by the young Aspies who don't even know who Frank is. His words live on and, since the majority of the public is not college educated nor do they possess a 159 IQ, a lot of Frank's nonsense is believed.

Another site that sprung up in 2004 was Wrong Planet. The owner, Alex Plank, appears to have nothing wrong with himself but apparently has a diagnosis of Asperger's. Plank and his girlfriend, Katie Miller, both refer to themselves as "autistic" even though they have diagnoses of Asperger's and are firmly entrenched in the plot to oppose curing autism with their constant support of the lies by the CDC that claim thimerosal does not cause autism.

I tried to discuss methods that have proven to cure autism on Wrong Planet last year and was thrown off the site by Plank. This young deviant goes to great lengths to misrepresent the truth about autism to the detriment of actual autistic people who want to improve their conditions. He also throws autistic people off the site if they seek a cure for themselves. I sat in a chatroom last summer that was connected to an autism conference that barred some autistic people who sought cures. There I watched Plank and Ari Ne'eman discussing plans for how they would use the same tactics as gays had used to foist their disingenuous agenda on the general public to misrepresent the truth about autism.

Here is the letter that was sent to one autistic person who wanted to attend this conference:
Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 19:25:30 -0400
> From: Jim Sinclair
> To: (Name removed)
> Subject: Re: , Autreat, Housing, Total Costs, Reqesting Original Concerns Be Addre
> CC: (name removed)
> (name removed),
> It is the decision of the Autreat Planning Committee that your
> attendance at Autreat would constitute an unacceptable threat to other
> attendees' peaceful enjoyment of Autreat. Therefore, I regret to have
> to inform you that you will not be permitted to register.
> This decision has nothing whatsoever to do with Amanda, or Kathleen,
> Kassiane, Camille, or any other person with whom you may be in
> conflict. I don't even know for sure if any of those people are going
> to attend Autreat this year. Even if we knew for sure that none of
> them would be there, we would still consider your attendance to
> present an unacceptable threat to the peaceful enjoyment of the event.
> This decision has been made on the basis of your extensive history of
> extremely disruptive and aggressive behavior which we were able to
> find on many public blog posts. Based on your own writings, we are
> concerned about the safety of other people at Autreat in the event you
> should attend and become angry with someone or something.
> This decision by the Autreat Planning Committee is final.
> Jim Sinclair
> Coordinator, Autism Network International
> Cc: Autreat Planning Committee

So, we see that Jim Sinclair, a phoney autistic, ran an autism conference that denied admission to a legitimately autistic person because she was opposed to the way autism was being misrepresented by the sadistic Seidel and Autism Diva (Camille)and two other frauds, Baggs and Kassiane Sibley. The five foot tall woman in her forties who this was addressed to could not be seriously taken as a threat to anyone so we see that Sinclair has no qualms at all with lying to support his dishonest agenda.

In January of 2006, when Ari Ne'eman was still a high school student, and shortly after Frank Klein's radio interview linked above, Ari was featured on Kathlen Seidel's Neurodiversity blog. Ne'eman was adept then at blurring the distinction between autism and Asperger's and calling a cure for autism "morally reprehensible". You can see Frank Klein's disingenuous philosophy throughout everything that a young Ne'eman had to say here, right down to the garbage about comparing struggles connected to autism with Civil Rights. Of course, autistic people have no clue what civil rights are all about because they can't read.

So, even as a high school kid, Ne'eman had been trained to say that curing autistics and giving them the ability to read was "morally reprehensible". How does this make any sense? It only makes sense when one can disingenuously merge that distinction between autism and Asperger's to make it appear that all people on the wildly variant autism spectrum are similar in capabilities. We know that this is completely false when we watch our autistic children smearing feces and biting themselves, the exact same behavior we observe in adult autistics who have been institutionalized. Yet, here we had a high school student who had been so well trained in presenting evil propaganda that he was writing dishonest rhetoric to deny the existemnce of these true autistics whose brains had been so horribly mangled by thimerosal. This blatant dishonesty is the glue that permeates Neurodiversity and is the basis for finding the lies in every word they write.

Here is a video of autism. Ari Ne'eman was never like this, not by any stretch of the imagination. Ne'eman does not want anyone to cure the boy in the video and that is why he misrepresents himself as the face of autism. To understand Neurodiversity, you have to ask yourself why anyone would not want that child to be cured. You have to keep in mind that Neurodiversity fully supports every vaccine known to mankind and favors injecting mercury and aluminum into fetuses and people.

Let's look at the catch phrases from Neurodiversity that are all based on this dishonesty:
1. Nothing about us without us.
This is used to mistakenly identify people with alleged high functioning Asperger's who have no evidence of any diminished mental capacity and pawn themselves off as being equally mentally disadvantaged as autistic people who can never learn to read. This is planned propaganda that, as we saw with Ne'eman, was taught to him at a very young age. No sane person can reach the conclusion that any low functioning person with autism is included in the word "us" as used by Ne'eman and other psychopaths.

2. Inclusion
This is the buzz word that is used to deny autistic children a useful education. Children who spin around in circles all day, smear feces and bash their heads through walls simply do not belong in a classroom with normal kids. There is no way anyone can be educated with kids like this in a classroom. They have to be separated.

When Neurodiversity pushes for inclusion of autistic kids, they are actually excluding autistic kids from any consideration. Including Aspies is a different matter but that problem is perverted by this obfuscatory language that promotes a better education for Aspies who are mistakenly identified as autistic. Thus, the kids who really have autism are excluded entirely since nobody who has ever met an autistic child would ever consider placing him in a class with normal kids.

So, this advocacy may help kids with Asperger's gain a better education but, by virtue of blurring that difference, it essentially asks to take funds away from children with true autism because this "advocacy" demands absolutely nothing for those children who need it the most. This "advocacy" denies their existence.

3. Differently Abled
This term is pure nonsense but with enough victims making these statements, it serves a useful purpose for the Neurodiversity propaganda machine. Since Neurodiversity has brainwashed the youths into believing that they are born with Asperger's, using them to promote this stupidity themselves convinces the unknowing public that they should accept that some people are just different. This is a key part of the plan to help Pharma deny that they caused the problem with thimerosal. They had to brainwash the children into thinking that it was some sort of insult to suggest that they were poisoned and suffered some brain damage. Nobody wants to think of themselves as brain damaged. The term has been a long used insult towards anyone who commits an act of stupidity and is frequently hurled about in a joking manner.

Now, it's no joke. We have thousands of these young people who suffer from a diminished mental capacity thanks to being injected with thimerosal as soon as they were born. They have been ostracized from peer groups their entire lives and eagerly jumped on the bandwagon that gave them this delusional appraisal of their condition. "Differently abled" indeed. Aspies have all sorts of problems socially and academically. They have been sold this bill of goods that tells them to celebrate being different, that people with Asperger's are generally much more intelligent then the rest of us. Yet, they can't accept the facts about how thimerosal kills brain cells and made them all social misfits. Who would accept those lies besides people who just didn't have the mental capacity to see through them? It's a sad state of affairs.

Normal people can't make these Aspies see the illogic in their arguments because Neurodiversity has played on their emotions to brainwash them. We can cure them a lot more easily than we can cure the severely autistic children who Ari Ne'eman denies exist but they cling to this deranged ideology of Frank Klein's that tells them to celebrate being "different", in other words...celebrate having brain damage. The con job was truly masterful. Great job, Frank.

4. Autism is not a disease.
True, it isn't. It's not contagious. It's not caused by some virus. Neurodiversity lies to us here by telling us the truth. They use the lie of omission for this one. Autism is a condition...the condition of mercury poisoning. Neurodiversity would have us believe it is genetic but they know that isn't true so they use a deceptive lie to sidestep the truth while not engaging in a direct lie. It's supposed to make them seem more honest. It's the same tactic they use in asking for inclusion with education where they deny that autism exists.

5. Autistic Pride
This is patently ridiculous. Frank Klein and Ari Ne'eman can take their high IQ's and education and be proud of themselves for what they have achieved...running an excellent con job on the general public and brainwashing less intelligent people with Asperger's Syndrome into assisting them with the scam. Autistic adults who reside in asylums and who can't speak or communicate in any manner certainly are not proud of living in a custodial care situation where they have to be bathed, fed and toileted by caretakers. Autistic children who bite themselves and bash their heads through walls are also not running around declaring that they take pride in their autism.

Does anyone wonder why these people with Asperger's don't arrange a day that is called Asperger's Pride Day? Wouldn't that make more sense? If they truly wanted to call attention to the "geek syndrome" type of Asperger's to oppose the bullying and cruel jokes that are played on "geeks", "nerds" or social incompetents, why would they corrupt the meaning of the term they allegedly want respect for by giving the false impression via the term "autism" that they are liable to reach into their diapers and smear feces on people in the office cubicle mext to them? It simply makes no sense for these people to demand acceptance and respect for a condition that they do not have.

The only valid conclusion that can be reached here is that all of this misrepresentation is intentional. All of the "joy of autism" nonsense, demands for respect, acceptance and inclusion are insane when one considers the mentally retarded people with autism who can't function on any level or in any manner resembling human behavior.

What's worse is having the knowledge that an ever increasing number of those seemingly mentally retarded autistic people have now been cured and are functioning normally or close to it and denying that this miracle has been achieved.

6. Opposition to Electric Shock
Neurodiversity is violently opposed to the Judge Rottenberg Center where electric shocks are used to try to eliminate self abusive behaviors in the worst cases of autism. They offer no solution whatsoever for the people whose behavior is improved by the shocks as this fits in with their agenda to oppose all cures. Granted, using shocks on people who might not be able to comprehend why they are being shocked can rightfully be seen as cruel and abusive. However, when that opposition also refuses to call for supporting humane methods that do cure autism and are a valid argument for closing this place, Neurodiversity tacitly supports the JRC since there is no other place that will take these people in and treat them with anything besides drugging them into oblivion and restraining them forcefully.

So, the argument against JRC is just another disingenuous piece of propaganda that is supported by the misrepresentation of what autism is. When we see Ari Ne'eman and Amanda Baggs speaking intelligently whilst calling themselves autistic, it leads people to believe that shocking autistic people is certainly abusive if they believe that Baggs and Ne'eman are representative of the people who are being shocked. Since these two liars have absolutely nothing in common with those severely disabled people, one should be able to understand the problem they create when they mislabel themselves intentionally.

Since Neurodiversity offers no solution to this problem of shocking people, we can assume that they would pleased if they were all set free so they could wonder into traffic and die. That's Neurodiverse logic.