Friday, September 27, 2013

John Gilmore Feeds the Lies About Autism

This is what happens when corrupt "leaders" in the autism community play stupid games instead of being honest.  Now, these corrupt imbeciles are still encouraging victims to ask the same criminals who caused the problem to magically turn into decent humans beings.  Foolish people who trust these corrupt "leaders" will continue asking our 100% corrupt Congress to become nice people and do the right thing.I asked John Gilmore to teach parents of autistic children how to overthrow our corrupt government and John refused.  So, we see that he wants to help them continue to poison our babies by "leading" parents to do nothing useful.  John  uses "autism" and "asperger's" here as synonyms even though he is well aware that the two conditions have virtually nothing in common.  This has led to much confusion from overt psychopaths like Ari Ne'eman while liars like John Gilmore hid in the background supporting the same deception by keeping his mouth shut.  Now, this has come to bite John in the ass.  It looks to me like he planned it that way.

It started: DSM5 used to revoke autism diagnosis
Share your story to stop the DSM5
     As many of us expected, the new definition of “autism” laid out in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM5) is being used to deny services and educational placements to people with autism.  We are receiving more and more reports from around the US (Buffalo, Dallas, Utica, etc.) of schools, Medicaid providers, insurance companies and local government service providers using the DSM5 to deny services to people who have an autism spectrum disorder.
     If you are facing difficulties or the loss of services as a result of the DSM5 please let us know. Please contact us at with your stories. Your stories will be a crucial component in stopping the DSM5.
     All the studies on how the DSM5 will affect people with autism have shown huge numbers will lose their diagnosis, their services, Medicaid and educational placement along with it. One study from the Child Study Center at Yale University showed a 55% reduction, including 30% of those categorized as low-functioning.
     We have had bills introduced in several states including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to require the continued use of the DSM4 and other diagnostic tools such as the ICD. We are working on getting bills introduced in other states. Illinois has already passed legislation prohibiting the use of the DSM5 to deny services. And we are working to prevent the federal government from using the DSM5.
     The DSM5 discards the labels of “Asperger syndrome” and “pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS)” Schools and insurance companies and Medicaid providers are using these changes to tell people who have an Asperger’s or PDD-NOS diagnosis that they no longer have “autism” and are losing insurance coverage, placements in special education and other services.
     The DSM5 is wrapped in controversy. The federal National Institute of Mental Health considers the DSM5 so flawed that they will not spend any research dollars on studies that use it.  We do not have to put up with this.
     Please share this message with friends and family and please post to Facebook and other social networks.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tim Bolen, Just Another Liar Abusing Babies

I started talking to Tim Bolen a while back to let him know that he was becoming involved with a bunch of psychopaths who were helping the vaccine industry and our corrupt government poison babies into autism.  I had trusted Tim and didn't realize he was part of the team from Age of Autism who had hijacked the leadership of the anti-vaccine movement.

Tim led me to believe that he was naive about this plot against babies and strung me along, making me think that he was one of the decent people who would tell the truth about autism.  Tim told me the story of how Mark Blaxill and some other lowlifes had suckered Barry Segal into funding their propaganda assault on babies and how Mr Segal had eventually seen through their deception.  Tim told me that Mr Segal was going to try to do some good and that he would put me in touch with him to explain more of how this deception had been carried out.  Tim also told me he was going to publicize the extreme deception that Ginger Taylor had managed as one of the heads of the Canary Party.

Now, I learn that Mr Segal has funded a couple of mothers who have been associated with the same creeps who run Age of Autism and who played a role in starting the pro vaccine slogan of "Too Many, Too Soon" which denies the whole truth about how thimerosal causes autism.  Bolen never arranged that discussion between  Mr Segal and I so he still hasn't heard the whole truth.  Instead, he heard from a couple of dopes who were stupid enough to follow the lead of Jenny McCarthy and the controllers who told her what to say.  I guess he was enamored with them and funded them.  I expect they will promote more of the pro vaccine nonsense that most idiots believe is an anti-vaccine rallying cry.  The fact of the matter is that when one complains about too many vaccines without mentioning the role of thimerosal, they deny the fact that thimerosal is causing all of the autism.  Most idiotic parents of autistic kids have heard this "Too many, too soon" bullshit so many times that they believe it.  Nobody who achieves any publicity in the world of autism ever mentions the fact that the mercury in the flu shot to pregnant women gives the fetus 200 times the alleged "safe" dose of mercury.  Will these two mothers do that?  Time will tell.  In the meantime, I doubt that Barry Segal has any idea how deep the deception goes with the controlled opposition.

I've described Ginger Taylor's deception many times.  Nobody reads it and that's why I was happy to explain some things for Tim Bolen in the hope that he would publicize her treachery against all unborn babies on this planet.  But, despite many promises to publicize this, Bolen has reneged and tacitly told me that he is not going to expose how this sorry excuse for a mother lies to other parents.  Bolen will not tell the dumbed down followers how they have been misled.

Perhaps this will be the end of my writing about autism, perhaps not.  It seems pointless, all these years of exposing the liars and the people who need to learn choose to believe the liars instead of listening to what I have to teach them.  I chose to trust someone who I thought might help the dumbed down parents see the truth.  It turned out that Bolen was also a liar though.  Oh well, burned again.  That's the way it goes in the world of autism.  Nobody ever tells the truth.

After months of discussing the corruption in the world of autism with Bolen, now the pussy won't answer my emails.  When they refuse to answer, that's when you're certain they are part of the corruption themselves.

I casually asked Tim Bolen if he had ever read "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" recently.  Tim's answer was nothing, not one word.  He wouldn't even acknowledge that I asked him the question.  I had only asked to see if he understood what was going on in the world, where it was all coming from.  No response at all.  It's not really a difficult question or a trick question.  It's a simple question.  Honest people have no problem answering it.  While you can't draw a specific conclusion as to why someone refuses to acknowledge that you asked the question, you CAN conclude that something is wrong.  What Tim Bolens dishonest role in all of this is, I can't say exactly.  However, it is certain that Tim is not what he claims to be.