Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gang Stalking on Facebook

GANG STALKING on Facebook.
Facebook allows liars to gang up on people who expose their dishonesty and file bogus reports of abuse.  Facebook will delete pages when the gang of liars reaches a certain number of frivolous reports.  So, when he have a group of agents who abuse autistic children with lies to benefit the Pharmaceutical Industry, they can have the truth about their treachery deleted and Facebook pays no attention to the parents of autistic children when they point out this organized attack on their disabled children.

This group exposes a highly trained liar named Ari Ne'eman who falsely claims that he has autism.  Ne'eman is an Israeli who has political connections that allow him to present false information about autism on a national level.  Ne'eman makes the outrageous claim that people with autism do not want to be cured of their nightmarish disability.  Ne'eman has perverted the definition of autism to try to make the general public think that it is no big deal by parading his group of liars who also pretend to be autistic in front of the public.  These actors also claim they love being autistic and don't want anyone to cure them.

The truth of the matter is this definition of what autism really is like.  Autism is mercury induced brain damage that causes the victim to smear feces, bash their heads through walls and into cement, scream in excruciating pain for hours each day and go through life without ever learning how to speak, read, write, use a toilet, communicate in any appreciable manner or get laid. Autism sucks. There is nothing good about it.

To claim to the public and to Congress that children who are so afflicted do not want to be cured is a vile and outrageous attack against them that could only be perpetrated by an organized hate group.  No sane person would ever knowingly campaign against helping children like this improve their lives.  Thus, we can conclude that the vicious psychopaths who attack this page are directly attacking autistic children.

Why do these psychopaths campaign against helping these children?  It's simple.  When we cure these children by removing mercury from their brains that was put there via vaccines, it proves that the vaccines caused the brain damage.  This reflects poorly on our corrupt medical industry and our corrupt Congress who was bribed to ignore it.  So, they hire liars like Ari Ne'eman and his pack of brainwashed idiots who claim they have autism and want respect instead of a cure.  They present positive language about helping themselves and their own autism but they are NOT autistic at all.  So, by making the public think that this is what autism is like, they sweep the real autistic children who suffer horribly every day of their lives under the rug.  Facebook helps these liars carry out their deception that harms these children when they allow their gang stalking to obliterate the truth that's written about their deception.  I hope Facebook will not allow this to happen again.

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