Friday, December 14, 2012

Ari Ne'eman Responsible for Murdered Kids in Connecticut

Adam Lanza, the Newtown, Ct shooter had Asperger's.  Ari Ne'eman didn't want him cured.  What if Ari Ne'eman and the rest of the assholes from Neurodiversity had all been locked up for fraud years ago?  Would Adam Lanza's parents have learned how to cure him?  Would those little children still be alive?  When will sane people take a stand against lying assholes like Ari Ne'eman?


  1. I notice something happened on Facebook. I find it odd that the "Neurodiversity" movement is protecting us from your relativity harmless paradigm. I have been fighting tooth and nail to stop Facebook from repeatedly linking into the hate group Autism Speaks and the offensive page still links in and is even advertised to me on a fairly regular basis, after all my repeated complaints to the "Neurodiversity" movement.
    This absolute hate speech.
    Even worse stuff comes out of there news outlets. Can you explain these maps? Is Ari Ne'eman linked to the puzzle peice shootings?

  2. Mary, I don't look at Huff Post as it's always a pain in the ass with too much advertising. Ari Ne'eman is, I think, responsible for lots of damage to normal babies and autistic children, and autistic adults. Never trust an Israeli. Never.


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